Message from President

Message from President

Nagoya Bunri University has its origin in the Nagoya Professional School of Nutrition, which was founded in 1956 by Kazumasu Takikawa. The school expanded in 1966 to become the Nagoya Junior College of Nutrition, and in 1999 to become Nagoya Bunri University. At present there are two campuses, in Inazawa and Nagoya. The university consists of 3 departments in 2 schools, while the junior college consists of 1 department composed of 2 majors. Altogether there are 1400 students.

The University had its roots in a school of nutrition, but now "Food, Nutrition, and Information Technology" are the three pillars of its education of youth. "Food" and "Nutrition" are the most fundamental aspects of human life, while "Information Technology" will gradually become more important in society as a means of communication in the future. With the mission of giving concrete form to its motto "The Spirit of Bunri Education," this university has produced a large number of talented people and sent them out into the world. In the future as well, by developing as a university of "Food, Nutrition, and Information Technology," it will fulfill its mission as an institution of higher learning.

In "The Spirit of Bunri Education," the "cultivation of human beings," in other words, (human) education is emphasized. For that purpose, contact between individuals with different personalities is essential, and in settings for such contact, such as classes, seminars, the library, club activities, and so on, by ʻmeeting," ʻlearning,ʼ ʻteaching,ʼ conversing,ʼ and ʻdebating,ʼ each studentʼs individual abilities are polished. In addition, Bunri aims to become a ʻuniversal accessʼ school which accepts adults and foreign students who have the desire to learn, regardless of their age or nationality. This interaction of contrasting personalities, as well as studentsʼ individuality, is the basis of developing capable individuals. We aim to foster the development of young people who are healthy for mind, body, and thought, and will shape society in the future.

In "The Spirit of Bunri Education," perfecting oneʼs knowledge and skills through study is mentioned as well. Deepening studentsʼ knowledge and helping them acquire specialized technical skills is also an important task for our university. Japan is experiencing shrinkage of population and long-term economic stagnation, and the countryʼs future path will not be smooth. Raising the general populationʼs knowledge and abilities is the only means of solving such problems, and the establishment of a state based on the education of youth is becoming more and more important. Over the past half century Takikawa Gakuen has sent many young people out into the world with a high level of technical skills as nutritionists or other types of specialists. In the future, the university will continue to fulfill its mission of educating the next generations of talented men and women with a high level of abilities and skills in the fields of "Food," "Nutrition," and "Information Technology" who can become socially and professionally independent. In you, as young students, various undiscovered possibilities exist. On the basis of our universityʼs 3 distinct ʻpillars,ʼ we wish you to fully develop your individuality and hidden abilities, acquire something precious, and grow into citizens who can actively contribute to society.

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