School of Information and Media Studies
Department of Information and
Media Studies

At Nagoya Bunri University, our Department of Information and Media Studies offers the opportunity to study computer science and to learn to create media content, for example programing, designing computer systems, and producing videos, computer graphics, photographs, and music works. We also recommend studying multiple fields in order to become a more valuable specialist.

Information Systems Major
The major is designed to prepare students for a professional position in our information society, such as that of IT system engineer, IT systems manager, software development engineer, or system integration engineer.
Areas of course specialization include computer networking, data bases,data science, humancomputer interaction, internet applications and web development, mobile systems, and software engineering.
Image Media Major
This major covers a broad section of information media studies centering on image production technology, computer graphics, animation and designing. Students are motivated to master not only the technology but also the basic theory of imaging.
Sound Engineering and Desktop Music Major
The purpose of the major is to learn about both sound engineering and desktop music, including recordings, mixings, PA operation, composition and arrangement.
  • Potential future careers :
  • ・Sound Engineer
    ・Sound Crew
    ・Sound Designer
    ・Sound Programmer
  • ・Studio Crew
    ・Stage Crew
Media Planning Major
The major is designed to develop a business person who knows the value of information. Potential future careers in public relations, marketing, mass media, sales promotion, and event planning.
In this major students study communication methods based on traditional mass media, promotion technique utilizing the web and the data analysis of web sites.

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